April 23, 2019

Gazoduq’s public consultation results: Identification of a route that strives to minimize impacts in a Preferred Planning Area in Ontario

Montreal, April 23, 2019 – Gazoduq is pleased to report the outcome of its public consultation regarding the study corridor. This marks the completion of the first step of a process that will continue throughout the project development phase. Thanks to the valuable information collected during this exercise, the company is pleased to present the project’s preliminary route, which falls within a Preferred Planning Area (PPA). This PPA for the proposed underground natural gas transmission line was identified in an effort to minimize social and environmental impacts.


The concerns and opportunities that citizens raised during public meetings, combined with data provided by towns and cities, RCMs, government agencies, local organizations enabled the Gazoduq team to avoid most sensitive areas within the study corridor, including lakes, protected water intake and groundwater areas, as well as other protected areas that the company had committed to avoiding. The company was also able to avoid most inhabited areas within the study corridor. It is within this PPA – which averages 400 metres in width – that Gazoduq intends to delineate the final 30-metre right-of-way.


Highlights of the Preferred Planning Area in Ontario

  • Length: 63 km;
  • Cities and districts involved:
    • Black River – Matheson (gas line starting point being finalized with TransCanada);
    • Unorganized South East Cochrane District;
  • Follows 10 km of forest roads;
  • Avoids Esker Lakes Provincial Park;
  • Avoids lakes and protected municipal water intakes.


Within the framework of a broad information and consultation approach launched in November 2018, Gazoduq’s team met with more than 600 citizens and more than 130 groups from Northeastern Ontario, Saguenay - Lac-Saint-Jean, Haute-Mauricie and Abitibi regarding the study corridor. More than 60 citizens participated in public consultations in Kirkland Lake, Larder Lake and Black River – Matheson last February. In parallel, a consultation process with Indigenous communities was initiated early in the project's development so that they could identify potential impacts, inclusive of their members' traditional activities. Today and throughout the project’s development, we intend to continue the ongoing consultation.


The next steps will consist of surveying the fauna and flora throughout the PPA and identifying applicable mitigation measures designed to minimize the project’s impacts, including those concerning local and Indigenous communities. These will be documented within the company's National Energy Board filing and environmental impact assessment, both of which are scheduled to be submitted to the relevant authorities by the end of 2019.


Gazoduq intends to continue consultations regarding the PPA in the coming weeks.


“We are determined to make this project a significant player in the global fight against climate change, which would propel Quebec to a leading role in this critical cause.  As previously indicated, we will pursue discussions with communities throughout the project development phase, in order to minimize impacts and maximize local benefits.”

 – Louis Bergeron, President, Gazoduq

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About Gazoduq

Gazoduq Inc. is a Quebec company led by a highly skilled team with extensive experience and expertise in large-scale North American natural gas transmission line projects. It is supported by major investors with international expertise in developing large-scale natural gas projects. Gazoduq intends to build an underground natural gas transmission line, approximately 782 km long, between northeastern Ontario and Saguenay, Quebec, in collaboration with local communities and through the development of business partnership with local companies. www.gazoduq.com


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