Jan. 22, 2020

Gazoduq has submitted the Detailed Project Description to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada

Gazoduq has submitted the Detailed Project Description to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC). This is another important step in the federal impact assessment process for the development of its underground natural gas transmission line project.

The detailed project description is available on the IAAC website as well. It outlines components that will be jointly assessed by the IAAC and the Canada Energy Regulator (CER).

It also presents Gazoduq’s ongoing information and consultation efforts with local Indigenous groups and communities. Lastly, the document contains answers to the summary of questions provided by the IAAC following its period of engagement and consultation with the Canadian public regarding the Initial Project Description.

In addition to participating in federal and provincial regulatory processes, Gazoduq is continuing its environmental, technical, and commercial development of the project, as well as its consultation process with Indigenous groups and local communities. The company is also leading consultation activities such as regional round tables, meetings with private land owners and public safety stakeholders. From the outset, Gazoduq has ensured that it provides accurate and transparent information, as it strives to minimize the impact of the project.


About Gazoduq 

Gazoduq Inc. is a Quebec company led by a highly skilled team with proven experience and expertise in large-scale natural gas transmission line projects in North America. It is supported by major investors with international expertise in developing large-scale natural gas projects. Gazoduq intends to build an underground natural gas line approximately 780 km long between northeastern Ontario and Saguenay, Quebec, in collaboration with the communities concerned, and to develop business partnerships with local companies. www.gazoduq.com 


Joëlle Brodie
Senior Advisor, Communications and Media Relations