Feb. 4, 2021

Gazoduq Confirms its Intention to Aim for Net Zero Emissions

Independent validation of Gazoduq’s innovative approach to reducing GHG emissions

Montreal, February 4, 2021 – Gazoduq publicly confirmed today its intention to aim for net zero emissions and meet the world’s growing energy needs for the future with low-carbon energy. The intention to develop a project with minimal environmental footprint has been clear since the very beginnings when Gazoduq launched its project in 2018. As part of this vision, the company plans to become a leader in the use of technologies such as solutions based on the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the design of the project’s control systems, as well as the electrification of compressor units of large capacity for a natural gas transmission line, which would set a new industry benchmark in Canada. Gazoduq believes the use of these technologies will have a positive impact on the reduction of global GHG emissions and therefore on the future of the natural gas transportation industry in Canada and around the world. While the project is still in the development stage, the team will continue its work internally and collaborate with partners to further enhance its comprehensive plan to realize its target for a net zero emission underground natural gas transmission line.


Independent validation of Gazoduq’s innovative approach to reducing GHG emissions

Gazoduq is also thrilled to confirm that its innovative approach has been validated by Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) as its project has been selected into ERA’s Partnership Intake Program to receive funding in support of the company’s vision to design a net zero emissions natural gas transmission line. The grant will specifically support design and engineering work that will facilitate a significant reduction in GHG emissions for the project. ERA, a non-profit organization that encourages the development and accelerates the adoption of clean and innovative technology solutions, announced their decision today. As part of this collaboration, Gazoduq will receive funding of nearly two million dollars from ERA to complement Gazoduq’s spending to develop the final technical design of the natural gas transmission line.

“Our team is pleased to publicly confirm our intention to aim for net zero emissions. Moreover, ERA’s validation of our unique project is an important milestone. It is also a testament to our mission to do things differently with a focus on environmental stewardship. If we compare our use of new technologies, such as the electrification of compressor units of larger capacity to a traditional project that uses turbines powered by natural gas, we are looking at a possible reduction of GHG emissions by 376,880 t-CO2e per yearthe equivalent of the emissions generated by 80,000 cars,” added Marie-Christine Demers, Senior Director, Public Affairs & Community Relations at Gazoduq.

Gazoduq is planning the construction of an underground transmission line that will be used for the transportation of natural gas to supply its main customer, Énergie Saguenay’s future net zero emission liquefaction plant. This natural gas sourced from Alberta and Western Canada would be intended for export to Asia and Europe to replace more polluting fuels, such as coal and oil. Gazoduq’s project, which is valued at approximately $ 5 billion, would generate significant economic benefits for Québec, Ontario and Alberta as well as contributing to a global reduction in GHG emissions.