Nov. 15, 2018

Gazoduq: A New Natural Gas Transmission Line Project to Supply the Énergie Saguenay LNG Facility

Public consultations will be launched shortly to determine the route


Montreal, November 15, 2018 – Today, Gazoduq Inc. (Gazoduq) announced that it is launching a new infrastructure project: the construction of an underground natural gas transmission line from northeastern Ontario to Saguenay, Québec. This transmission line, approximately 750-km in length, will be used to transport Western Canadian natural gas to its primary customer, Énergie Saguenay, a future natural gas liquefaction (LNG) facility, powered by hydroelectricity, that is designed to set a new global benchmark as the lowest GHG emission facility in the world and to have a positive impact in the fight against global climate change.

An Important Project for the Global Energy Transition and the Economy

The new transmission line will contribute to the Énergie Saguenay business objective to liquefy and export natural gas to Europe, Asia and other markets that are looking to diversify their LNG/natural gas supplies and/or are striving to participate in the global energy transition, in enabling companies in those markets to replace more polluting fuels such as coal and heavy fuel oil. To learn more about the Énergie Saguenay LNG Project and its innovative use of clean, renewable hydroelectricity, please see:

In addition to its overall potential environmental benefits, this project will result in major tangible economic benefits and spinoffs for businesses and communities in Quebec, Ontario and Canada.

Study Corridor: Striving to Minimize Impacts

Gazoduq is currently studying a corridor between northeastern Ontario and the Saguenay region. This corridor, specifically chosen to be far from densely populated areas, also takes into consideration several sensitive areas, such as Lac Saint-Jean, the Gouin Reservoir, Lac Abitibi, woodland caribou distribution ranges as well as protected areas and recreational sectors (ZEC, outfitting operations, etc.). Therefore, the final route that will be selected will avoid national parks and protected areas included in the study corridor.

Gazoduq believes in the value of building a project in conjunction with communities. Gazoduq is committed to building positive, lasting relationships with all the communities and stakeholders that will be interested in its project, as well as develop contracts and business partnerships with local companies. In that context, in addition to regulatory requirements, Gazoduq will soon initiate a comprehensive consultation and information process with local and Indigenous communities concerned by the study corridor to listen and openly discuss the planning of the project and more particularly, to identify a route that is the most technically feasible and acceptable from an environmental, social and economic standpoint. The public will have the opportunity to learn about the project, get answers to their questions, and suggest potential improvements in the many activities and initiatives that are planned as part of the consultation and information sharing process.

The Gazoduq project will be an interprovincial natural gas transmission line and therefore, will be subject to provincial and federal regulatory processes. In addition, it is expected that it will undergo an MELCC environmental impact assessment and review procedure (including a BAPE hearing). The Project is currently in the planning and design stage and is anticipated to enter the construction phase in 2022 and the operational phase in 2024, allowing it to coincide with the forecasted rise of the global LNG demand as well as the start of the planned Énergie Saguenay LNG facility operations.

Gazoduq is committed to safety and mitigating impacts to communities and the environment. 

To learn more about the project and its consultation process:


— “Our vision is to respectfully develop this natural gas transmission line in collaboration with the communities. Our goal is to build an infrastructure that will generate positive impacts and economic spinoffs for the Quebec, Ontario and Canadian economies, in addition to contributing positively to the global reduction of the use of coal and fuel oil, thereby lowering global GHG emissions. We are committed to building a natural gas line in harmony with all local and Indigenous communities lifestyles, by striving to minimize impacts as well as favoring local economic benefits.”

– Louis Bergeron, President, Gazoduq

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About Gazoduq Inc.

Gazoduq Inc. is a Quebec company led by a qualified team with extensive experience and expertise in large-scale North American natural gas transmission line projects. It is supported by major investors with international expertise in developing large scale energy and natural gas projects. Gazoduq aims to carry out an approximate 750-km underground natural gas transmission line project between northeastern Ontario and Saguenay, Quebec. Gazoduq is committed to developing this unique project in collaboration with communities and to develop business partnerships with local companies.

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