Uses for Natural Gas

Natural Gas – A sought-after transition energy

The environmental performance of natural gas along with greenhouse gas (GHG) global reduction goals make it a high-demand  source of energy.

  • Natural gas can replace more polluting energy sources such as coal and oil.
  • Global population growth and economic activity are increasing demand for energy including natural gas.
  • According to the International Energy Agency, demand for natural gas will increase by 45% in the next 25 years.
  • Canadian natural gas meets the need to diversify energy sources for countries and companies that rely mostly on one source of natural gas supply.

Natural gas has been used safely and efficiently for decades:

  • For cooking
  • For heating buildings
  • For fuel for power generation
  • For industrial processes that require a significant and controllable source of heat


Natural gas: a clear advantage over coal

According to the Canadian Government, combustion of natural gas results in fewer GHG emissions and pollutants that contribute to smog and acid rain than coal.