Economic Benefits

Gazoduq pledges to support the economic and social development of the project’s host communities 


As a result of the consultations and dialogue, Gazoduq has developed a unique and tailor-made formula. It will allow the company to make a meaningful contribution of roughly $36 million per year to the host communities, in Quebec and Ontario, once the project is in operations. This amount represents the annual recurring benefits that Gazoduq would provide to the communities in the form of taxes and through the Community Fund. 


Gazoduq is currently conducting an analysis of the comments received during the consultation period that followed this announcement regarding the proposed formula.

Preliminary estimates
Key points of the Community Fund

• The Fund will be managed by an independent firm, with full transparency 

• Contributions may be used in each community according to their specific needs 

• Amounts paid to the Community Fund will not depreciate as a result of asset amortization