Regulatory Process

A multi-jurisdictional regulatory process

The Gazoduq Project will be designed, constructed and operated in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and industry codes and standards.

Gazoduq will participate in several federal and provincial regulatory processes.

  • For the federal, the Project will be evaluated by the Canada Impact Assessment Agency and the Canadian Energy Board.
  • For the provincial, the Project will go through a multi-jurisdictional environmental assessment and regulatory review process from the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Fight Against Climate Change (MELCC), leading to an evaluation by the Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement (BAPE). The project will also follow the regulatory process of the Preservation of Agricultural Land and Agricultural Activities Regulation (CPTAQ) and request the required permits from the competent Ontario authorities.
  • It should also be noted that the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec have signed a Canada-Quebec collaboration agreement concerning the coordination of environmental and impact assessment procedures relating to the Gazoduq project

  • Under this agreement, the two levels of government have mandated the BAPE and the Federal Review Commission, respectively, to jointly hold the information period prior to the holding of the public hearing as well as the sessions of the 'public audience.

Citizens also have the opportunity to enhance the project during the many activities planned to inform and listen to them during the various stages of the process.